Danton’s Death

Steve, a young black man from the projects is training to become an actor in Paris.
A big challenge is lying ahead. Is there a way for him to succeed?

Delicate Balance

It is well understood that humanity is facing a global crisis, economically, socially, existentially. Could we make a way out of it?

Eternity Has No Door Of Escape

An invitation to lose ourselves in a maze of universes beyond logic and reason, in the works of Jean Dubuffet, André Breton, Adolf Wölfli, Aloïse Corbaz, … it’s Art Brut.


At a time of growing anxiety and uncertainty blowing throughout the world, the documentary looks at the city of Athens for a better understanding of the World we live in today.

La Belle at the Movies

Carefully documented, lyric in its imagery, “La Belle at the Movies” is a testimony of a moment in time where the film industry feels orphaned but lives in hope for a brighter future.

One Fine Day

This is the story of six people who performed a small nonviolent act, starting something that has had a major influence on the world

Shooting Ourselves

Total strangers from across the globe -and the political
spectrum- submit themselves to a theatrical world order where all perspectives are equal


Fonko is a documentary movie about the new Africa told through its current music. Narrated by the legendary Fela Kuti, whose words have a timeless, prophetic, and sometimes ironic effect

Doing Good

A film about the importance of hope. Can we as a society learn something from one man’s genuine compassion? Can this film teach us anything about our ability to conquer illness?