Athina – a place, a state of play and a state of mind.

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The documentary is a snapshot picture of a town trying to recover from an economical, humanitarian and socio-political maelstrom.

Athina , a state of mind

Produced, directed & filmed by Vanessa Moussa, over four seasons, the film observes a handful of protagonists.

Athina” tells the story of people looking for something that was taken away from them: refugees looking for a home, young people looking for a future, rebels looking for a cause, and a country looking to get its dignity back.

Ultimately, the film is about life and survival in times of global crisis.

It sets in Athens, at a time that follows the biggest economic crisis since World War II, along with a wave of mass migration .


Inevitably, refugees and migrants are very present throughout the film. However, this is not a documentary about the migrant crisis, nor a film on the financial crash.


The documentary draws an intimate portrait of the Greek capital. It takes a humanistic approach and shines a light on the resilience that prevails. Rather than taking an alarmist tone, it focuses on capturing the spirit of the place.


At a time of growing anxiety and uncertainty blowing throughout the world, the documentary looks at Athens for a better understanding of the way we live today.

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Directed & Filmed by Vanessa Moussa
Film Editing & Sound Design: Marios Kleftakis
Music: Florian Rosset & Marios Kleftakis 
Production: Dapa Doupa Films

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