Soul Definition — Edutainment for a better society

Welcome to Soul Definition, an online platform, where you can find handpicked, awarded documentary productions for a positive social impact. For everyone that demands quality in what we watch on our screens, not just in cinematic, but also in social terms, we now have a way. As we are living in times that our world has more technological know-how than ever in the past, and more means of creativity, it doesn’t feel right that a big part of the society lacks motivation and hope. This is the need that this venture is coming to meet, providing movies that represent accomplishment and motivation. In other words, a space where someone can find the “good examples”, cases of people that made one step forward in life.

You can expect to find documentaries with a main focus on: promoting peace (social peace, peace with nature, inner peace), creativity, constructive dialogue, education & progress, human relations, solidarity, inclusiveness, equal opportunities, artistic expression, innovation and so on.

On the main page you can find the posts of every new movie published, with new entries on a regular basis. On the trailers you can find the “subscribe” button and when you are done with your monthly subscription of 4€, you get unlimited access to the films that participate on SD. Welcome!

Please note that the films are now accessible in The Netherlands, Greece & Cyprus.

Dimitris Meletis