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Welcome to Soul Definition, the online platform where you can find handpicked, awarded documentary films for a positive social impact. For everyone that demands quality in what we watch on our screens, not just in cinematic, but also in social terms, we now have a way. As we are living in times that our world has more technological know-how than ever in the past, and more means of creativity, it doesn’t feel right that a big part of the society lacks motivation and hope. This is the need that Soul Definition is coming to meet, providing us with films that share good amounts of knowledge, while they usually represent accomplishment and motivation. In other words, a space where someone can find real-life films that are worthy to be shared.

You can expect to find documentaries with a main focus on: promoting peace (social peace, peace with nature, inner peace), culture & creativity, constructive dialogue, education & progress, human relations, solidarity & inclusiveness, equal opportunities, artistic expression, innovation and so on.

Soul Definition – Most probably the world’s only independent, legal, fair and ethical film platform.

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Dimitris Meletis

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