A Quest For Meaning

A Quest For Meaning is neither an environmental film nor a movie about travel, neither totally fictional nor absolute nonfiction, personal but not overly intimate… It’s like the road-movie of a lost generation in search of wisdom and common sense. In drawing together the messages of an urban gardener, a cellular biologist, an itinerant shaman, and a singer-turned- CEO, Marc and Nathanael invite us to join them on their soul-searching quest, calling into question our vision of the world.

This is the trailer of the documentary film. Lower on this page you can watch the whole film.

When Nathanael goes to visit Marc in New York, it’s been 10 years since they’ve last seen each other and their lives are totally different: Nathanael has just finished an environmental film in India, and Marc exports bottled water for a global corporation…

Artwork of Marc and Nathanael starting their quest

But one day, a small accident brings his “American dream” to a halt. Stuck in bed, he decides to watch a bunch of documentary films on globalization, that Nathanael had left behind. From that moment on, his conscience will not leave him alone. Marc goes to join Nathanael in India where they will begin their improvised, epic journey.

Marc interviewing Vandana Shiva

Full of moments of doubt, moments of joy, and incredible testimonials, their journey is like an initiation into a whole new way of viewing the world and living life.

Marc with Satish Kumar

They invite us to join them in reconsidering our rapport with nature, happiness, and the purpose of life. 87 minutes to help us regain confidence in our ability to effect change within ourselves, and within society.

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A documentary film by Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Ménardière

Brasilia International Film Festival 2016 – Best Documentary (Brasil)
International Film Festival 2016 for Spirituality, Religion, Visionary – International Award of Excellence (Indonesia)
Ischia Film Festival 2016 – Best Documentary (Italy)
Deauville Green Awards 2016 – Palme d’or (France)
Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2016 – Best feature film (USA)
Honolulu Film Festival 2016 – Silver Lei Award
Jakarta International Film Festival 2016 for Environment, Health, Culture – International Award of Excellence (Indonesia)
Terra Festival 2015 – Best Film (Guadeloupe)
Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 2015 – Gold Award
Impact Docs Awards 2015 – Award of Excellence
Ramdam festival 2015 – Meilleur Documentaire (France)
Tassie Eco Film Fest 2015 – Honorable Mention (Tasmania)
Festival Atmosphères 2015 – Coup de Coeur (France)
Festival Curieux Voyageurs 2015 – Grand Prix (France)

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