Kibera Sauti – Sounds of Kibera

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“Music is the tool that we can use to empower people, music is the tool that we can also use to create that positive change that we want to see.
So you find out that music is a unifying factor”

This is how music sounds when it’s a matter of life and death: in Kibera, Nairobi, in the heart of one of the biggest slums in the world, three local musicians create the collective “Made in Kibera” (MIK), in order to unite and support the local music scene and support it by providing them a space inside the tough conditions.
As the high-end studio is shaken by decibels and creativity, the collective is preparing a massive event…

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A unique, motivating film, brought to life by Ringo Media, produced by Mireia Graell Vivancos and directed by Luis Lanchares Bardají. A real life story about how talent and creativity can bloom in conditions of extreme poverty and hardship.

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