Doctors of Joy

Directed by Mara Mourão, this unique documentary film unveils the good humor, lyricism and touching stories of the “Doctors of Joy”, the first brazilian clown organization to work with hospitalized children.

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Winner of the Best Film award at the Brazilian Film Festival of New York (2005), TV version nominated for the Emmy Awards, among awards in other festivals, the feature film has the institutional support of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Organization Science and Culture) that considered it “A Film That Promotes a Culture of Peace”.

“Doutores da Alegria” rescues the importance of the powerful ancient archetype that has permeated the history of humanity since its first organizations as a society, personified in the figures of the shaman, the jester (capable of telling the king the hardest truths without being beheaded) and the clown himself. These subversive artists change the standard order of social relations, making them laugh and think. Wellington Nogueira, founder of the organization that inspired this film, questions the role of this archetype in today’s society, showing that his stage is not restricted to the circus and is increasingly necessary, everywhere.

The Doctors of Joy group photo

With sensitivity and good humor, the film takes the audience to the day-to-day reality of hospitals and captures the transformation in this environment, caused by the encounter of the clown with the child. It also follows this character’s incursions in places as diverse as the Stock Exchanges, the Municipal Market and factories. Highlighting the social function of art, it rescues the importance of the smallest mask in the world (the red nose); and presents the unusual reasoning of these artists, capable of revealing new aspects of reality with their courage and irreverence. Thanks to this ability to look at situations in a different light, they give a new dimension to issues inherent in life.

The film tells how this new “branch of Medicine” works, baptized by Doutores da Alegria as “Besteirologia” or “Humorology”. The meeting between the clowns and the children brings funny and touching scenes; and emotional testimonies, from moments spent with young patients, their parents and doctors. Discover how clowns understand pain and loss; how they allow the child to lead the story (improvising incessantly with grace, respect and softness); the way they deal with ridicule and destroy pre-established hierarchies.

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The film Doctors of Joy received the UNESCO Seal for promoting a Culture of Peace – (United Nations organization for Education, Science and Culture).

  • Special Merit Award at the II Monterrey International Film Festival – august     2006
  • Best Film at the Brazilian Film Festival of New York, TRIBECA September, 2005
  • Best film, Best Soundtrack and Best Actor at II FIESP/SESI-SP
  • Award of Cinema Paulista – March 2006
  • TV Version indicated to Emmy Awards 2005
  • Special Merit Award and Best Film Award – Public’s Choice at 33rd Festival of Gramado – September 2005
  • Best Film Award – Public’s Choice at Festival de Cinema de Paraty – PARATYCINE 2005; October / 2005
  • HOURS CONCOURS Exhibition at Rio International Film Festival 2005.
  • HOURS CONCOURS Exhibition at Festival “It’s all true” – 2005.
  • Elected by UOL website, the best documentary in 2005 according to the website users.
  • Officially invited to participate at 9th Cinema, Video Festival of Curitiba – 2005
  • Specially invited to I Cinema and Environment Guararema Festival
  • Latin American Contest of International Film Festival of Habana – 2005
  • AFO (Academia Film Olomouc) 2004 International Competition – Czech Republic.
  • Invited to participate at the next Brazilian Film Festival in Tokyo – 2006


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