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Tracing the life of activist Costis Achniotis, the film develops within the history of the Cypriot radical Left and the bicommunal movement for reunification. In parallel quests between the past and present and with a self-ethnographic approach, the filmmakers bring together personal testimonies and artefacts, new and archival material, exploring the dialectics and poetics of the ethnic clash and division in Cyprus.

Through historical documentation, we see the bridging that the two communities managed to achieve, despite the sabotaging attempts from foreign interests. We learn about the history of the labor movement, and how a class consciousness with a unifying character emerged through it, which essentially evolved into the formation of a unified Cypriot consciousness.

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Written and directed by Panagiotis Achniotis and Andreas Anastasiadis, with poetry playing a leading role in the narrative, the result speaks to the heart of the viewer. This particular film, of a historical significance and exceptional aesthetic result, is based on the belief that another history is possible. A history of true freedom, unity and fellowship, far from dependencies and divisions.

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