Ride With Larry

When Larry Smith developed Parkinson’s everybody thought his life was over.
But as he bravely proves, it was only the beginning. Let us experience the beauty of his courage and determination as we Ride With Larry!

Some of the awards that the film has won.

For these past two decades, he has tried every known method to battle it, including alternative treatments such as medical cannabis. He knows that “someday this will probably take him”, but instead of giving up, Larry chooses to be the bright example of how you defend a life you love and spread hope on your way.

This is the trailer of the documentary film – lower on this page you can watch the full film.

In this multiple award winner, produced by Bandito Films, directed by Andrew Rubin and Ricardo Villarreal, we see Larry leading a race of 300 miles across South Dakota on his bike, while raising awareness and funds to help battle the disease.

Ride With Larry

His wife Betty stands by his side all along the way, offering her unconditional support and embodying a brilliant example of what a loving partnership looks like. The whole community around him, as well as people they meet along the way are naturally moved with his initiative.

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A great motivational real-life film, that has already touched the hearts of millions of viewers around the world.
Get on board and enjoy the ride!

Winner, Audience Award: Gasparilla International Film Festival 2014
Winner, Audience Choice : Orlando Film Festival 2013
Winner, Jury Award : South Dakota Film Festival 2013

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