Refugees: Who Needs Them?

As Europe descends into fiscal crisis, the hard line against immigrants and refugees tightens. Nowhere more than in the Netherlands, now in the grip of anti-immigration and anti-refugee rhetoric.
Into this world come invited – or resettled refugees: Fatih an activist escaping death threats from Gaddafi, Fasil – a journalist from Ethiopia sentenced to life for condemning fraudulent elections, Li Zhu – a Falun Gong Buddhist.

António Guterres with two of the main characters of Refugees: Who Needs Them?

After they barely escape their governments, they find they’re unwanted by governments in Europe as well. Filmed over the course of a year, they embark on a dramatic search to find out whether they are indeed useful or needed.

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‘Refugees: Who Needs Them?’ is a unique documentation, directed Miles Roston, produced by Ethan Films, offering a cinematic composition of diverse perspectives on the journey of refugees and the challenges they have to face. Finally it attempts to provide a much needed answer to the question it highlights.

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