Linea 137

In Argentina, the victims of femicide amount to one woman every 23 hours. The documentary “PHONE LINE 137” portrays the life of four social workers who decide to be available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist, help and accompany different women who suffer gender, sexual and family violence.

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In the words of the director, Lucía Vassallo:
The innovation of this documentary is that it deliberately chooses to hide the voice of the victims -the most used resource when one wants to tell about gender violence- to privilege the voices of those who put body and soul to face it; those who are witnesses and at the same time have the tools to break an asphyxiating circle of submission.

Phone Line 137’s proposal is to count the “smallest”, to run away from the spectacular to focus on the daily strategies of the same operators that answer the phone on a daily basis; who fight to keep us safe from a relationship system -between the genders- where masculine drives are still privileged over feminine desires.

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The documentary Línea 137 proposes to raise awareness about the horrors of a macho culture, in which all of us, in one way or another, are immersed.”

Festivals & Awards
  • ChileDoc Conecta –  WIP (Chile, 2018)
  • Doc Montevideo Meetings – WIP (Uruguay, 2019)
  • SANFIC NET – WIP (Chile, 2019)
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de La Habana 2019 (Cuba, 2019)
  • BAFICI (Argentina, 2020) – cancelled per COVID 19
  • MAFICI (Argentina, 2020)
  • FESAALP (Argentina, 2020)
  • Festival Bariloche Audiovisual (Argentina, 2020) – winner Best Editing and Jury’s Special Mention
  • Maturai International Film Festival (India, 2020)
  • DOCSMx (Mexico, 2020)
  • Muestra Internacional de Mujeres de Cine y TV de Mexico (Mexico, 2020)
  • DocsValencia (Spain, 2020)
  • Lonely Wolf Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2020) – winner Best Documentary Film and Finalist in the categories Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Interactive Documentary, Best Editing
  • Festival de cine Tenemos que ver (Uruguay, 2020) – winner Best Feature Film


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