Knots: A Forced Marriage Story

Knots: A Forced Marriage Story is a crucial award-winning documentary film, that  examines the truth about forced marriage in the U.S. through the complicated experiences of those who have survived it.

This is the trailer of the documentary film. Lower on this page you can watch the full film.

Forced marriage is a human rights abuse that has lifelong traumatic consequences. It doesn’t always look like a gun to the head, it comes in many shapes and sizes. It impacts people from all backgrounds, religions, and socioeconomic groups. A forced marriage is one that takes place without the free and full consent of one or both parties.

Forced marriage in the United States has gone under-reported and unnoticed for decades. When we think of girls and young women being forced into marriage, we rarely think about it in the context of our communities, our neighbors, our backyards.
And yet, women and girls, including children as young as 11 and 12 are being forced into marriage…in USA, right now, in the 21st century. To top it off, in 48 states it’s completely legal. For now.

The embarrassing map of states with child marriages in the U.S.

This film brings the true human cost of this human rights abuse to light.

Here is where you can watch the full film, once you’ve subscribed on the platform

Best Documentary Feature – Manchester International Film Festival (MANIFF) 2020

Directed by Kate Ryan Brewer


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