This is the story of Bhagwan, the man than became famous to the whole world as Osho.
The real story of one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.

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The wild 1970s. A quest for higher consciousness, spirituality and sexual freedom. In his Ashram in Poona, Bhagwan urges his disciples to meditate and practice tantric sex in order to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Hugh, the guru’s bodyguard, watches his ascent on people. Sheela becomes his secretary and the powerful boss of Bhagwan’s community in the mountains of Oregon.

The guru, decried as ”sex-guru” by the Western media in the 1970s, is now making headlines with his Rolls-Royces.

The dream turns into a nightmare, for Hugh into a mental breakdown, for Sheela into a prison sentence.
Where did it all begin to go wrong?

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Production: Das Kollektiv
Directed by: Sabine Gisiger and Beat Häner

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