Dollars For a Saint

Messolonghi. A small coastal town in western Greece, stigmatized by its historical past. During the Turkish occupation it underwent a five-year siege (1821-1826), which was solved by a heroic Exodus.

According to reports, gypsy drummers heartened the people in their war against the Turks.

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Still today the town is inhabited by these two diverse social groups, locals and gypsies, which have developed a social relation of harmonic co-existence, sealed by a unique communal celebration, the Saint Symeon feast.

Once a year, they engage in an exhausting five-day festival, beginning Saturday evening and lasting uninterruptedly until Wednesday morning. During the feast, gypsies only are playing original traditional music, creating a transcendental ecstatic atmosphere of unity through all social ranges.

The documentary, follows and observes St. Symeon feast and its passage to a new era through the eyes of its protagonists.

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Directed by Avra Georgiou
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