But Now Is Perfect

“I do not know if I’m taking the right steps,” says Becky Moses, but she is grateful for every moment of being alive. God, or fate, has brought her to Europe via Libya from her home country Nigeria, on the run from an arranged marriage with an elderly man.

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Never would she have thought she would end up in Riace, a mountain village in Calabria (southern Italy) that has become world famous for its welcoming policy for immigrants by its mayor Domenico Lucano.
While in Italy, she never stops dreaming, that one day she will have the documents she needs in order to travel back to Nigeria, and visit her grandmother, the only person that could make her happy.

Through the eyes of Becky and her fellow villagers, we witness how the shrunken Italian community lives together with the new, mostly African, inhabitants. We see how friendships are formed and how lives get connected.

But fate remains unpredictable. The regional authorities are not always happy with the Riace project, the mayor gets into a political storm and cannot protect his people any more. Becky must leave the village and ends up in an illegal immigrant camp. When she meets her fatal end there, the inhabitants of Riace are left in grief and bewilderment.

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This is the story of Becky Moses, a poignant story of faith, hope and …documents.
Directed by Carin Goeijers
Produced by Pieter van Huystee

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