Who could imagine that in the 21st century we would still have people being attacked, harassed, bullied, for the way they look, for some of their characteristics that is considered “not normal”, or for any other reason that is surely not a threat for the rest of the world and usually not even a choice of the person itself.

Bullied, a film by Thomas Keith.

Regardless of the perspective or the opinion that each one of us may have, bullying is still a very common reality in our world. A really harmful phenomenon, with destructive consequences for the person that becomes the target, for their families and therefore for society as a whole.

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The documentary film ‘Bullied’ is a work that traces bullying and the effects of bullying, but also the methods and programs that have proven efficacious in reducing bullying in schools.

Bullying is something that is still encountered widely in schools.

From those people who live with the scars of having been bullied to those families who now grieve the loss of their child to suicide in the wake of brutal acts of bullying, the film examines the reasons why people bully and the fallout that occurs from that bullying.

With the assistance of scholars from around the U.S., ‘Bullied’ takes the viewer on a journey that starts with loss and grief and travels to the destination of hope and overcoming fear.

Ultimately, ‘Bullied’ offers the power of kindness through social & emotional learning as one of the most fruitful and proven ways to mitigate bullying around the world.

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A multiple award-winning documentary film by Thomas Keith.
Directing & Editing: Thomas Keith
Camera: James Bustamante, Ray Wolf, J.W. Wiley, Leslie Bennett, Aaron Schwartz
Art & Motion Graphics: Art Miroshin
Sound Mixing & Mastering: Rikk Desgres


Distribution: Global Digital Releasing
More films by Thomas Keith: https://www.mediaed.org/

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