Age of Iron

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Age of Iron takes viewers on a journey through Asia in its poetic critique of global capitalism, dissecting the system’s inherent byproducts along the way: exploitation of the masses in the political South and alienation of the masses in the affluent North.

In Japan, a stressed-out working-class couple cannot fuck anymore. In Myanmar, the ancient forests are now rubber plantations. In Cambodia, Christ undulates on a disappearing lake.

In Western China, the Uyghurs are being colonized. In Mongolia, the Gobi desert expands as it is mined for coal. In Bangladesh Tagore is forgotten. In Central Asia rivers are drying up.

In Afghanistan war never ends. In India the Buddha is dead.

Are the maladies of the Age of Iron connected?

Is there a way out?

Where does Hopelandia exist? In a nightmare, or in a dream?

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Directed by Davoud Gerami
Produced by Yasi & Davoud Gerami

Film’s Website
Production’s Website

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