A Peloton of One

In the fall of 2018, Dave Ohlmuller set out on a sprawling solo bicycle ride from Chicago to New York.

This is the trailer of the documentary film – lower on this page you can watch the full film

Sexually abused at 12 years old by a priest in his New Jersey parish, Dave Ohlmuller rode to inspire other Survivors to come forward and tell their own stories as well as educate the masses (and himself) on the impacts of this scourge.

Along this 700-mile journey, Dave meets other Survivors abused by coaches, teachers, family members, and like Dave himself, Roman-Catholic priests. Through these interactions and common stories, Dave tries to find a way to connect and heal, mile by mile, as he heads back east towards his childhood home.

Ultimately, what is really impressive is seeing how such an initiative can actually effect change and bring about progress for real. A unique venture, captured and delivered in a brilliant way, in this award winning documentary film.

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Directed by John Bernardo and Steven E. Mallorca
Produced by John Bernardo and Joe Capozzi

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