The Case of the Three Sided Dream

Get to know Rahsaan Roland Kirk, “the blind jazz great you’ve never heard of.” Esquire

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The real story of a man that had the misfortune to become blind at a very young age, but he could see clearly in his dreams. There he found the inspiration to create musical paths and compositions, that made everyone around him love his work and admire him as the musical genius that he was.


“Director Adam Kahan has created a vibrant and passionate film illuminating the many facets of his extraordinary subject. The film is filled with live concert footage that features Kirk’s trademark playing of three saxophones simultaneously.

“Rahsaan could use parts of his brain that people normally don’t use!” – Rahn Burton, pianist

There is luscious archival footage from the 1960s and 1970s and interviews with Kirk’s closest collaborators. But perhaps the most powerful element of this film is the intimacy that Kahan creates by allowing us to glimpse Super 8 home movie footage given to him by Rahsaan’s wife, Dorthaan.” Huffington Post

“His religion was the religion of dreams” – Dorthaan Kirk , Rahsaan’s wife

A real master of what is called circular breathing, he could play several musical instruments simultaneously. He would combine different rhythms in the same composition, setting his music free from the labels that people wanted to put on it.

“Wind players have to stop and take a breath. But he didn’t!” – Steve Turre, tromponist

They would call him gimmicky, but he did not like it. His music was one of another level. When they would categorize it as “Jazz”, he would clarify that it is Black Classical Music.

Produced and directed by Adam Kahan
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