The Corporate Coup d’Etat

Donald Trump and right-wing populist movements around the world are the logical result of a creeping, slow-motion corporate coup d’état that has taken over established political parties, both “liberal” and “conservative”. This film tells the story of how the coup happened and shows its disastrous effects on society’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Corporate Coup d’Etat – trailer

A democracy should protect its citizens, especially the most vulnerable among them, but increasingly the United States is failing to do so. This investigative and persuasive documentary blends the insights of philosophers, authors and journalists with the experiences of citizens of the Rust Belt in the U.S. Midwest, where the steel industry once flourished, but where closures and outsourcing have left urban areas desolate and hopeless.

It’s here that Donald Trump finds some of his most fervent supporters, as he’s not considered part of the hated Washington establishment.

Donald Trump quoting Benito Mussolini and his famous “Make America Great” statement.

Journalist Chris Hedges, argues that the crisis predates Donald Trump’s election by many years. Like his source of inspiration, the Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul, Hedges regards Trump as the symptom rather than the disease.

Donald Trump is not an anomaly. He is the grotesque visage of a col- lapsed democracy. The creeping corporate coup d’état that began 45 years ago is complete. It has destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Americans no longer able to find work that provides a living wage, cursed to live in chronic poverty.
CHRIS HEDGES, Journalist

Decades ago, U.S. democracy began selling its soul to big corporations. Lobbyists and corporatism took control in Washington, gradually undermining the will of the people. Journalist Naomi Klein recently described Trump’s administration as a “corporate coup d’état”. Hedges and Ralston Saul argue that the real coup took place long before.

“It could be argued that we are now in the midst of a coup d’état in slow motion. Democracy is weakening, corporatism is strengthening. Yet none of us has chosen this route for our society in spite of which our elites, quite happily, continue down it.”
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Director: Fred Peabody
Producer: Peter Raymont
Executive Producers: Peter Raymont, Fred Peabody, Steve Ord, Jeff Cohen, Hans Robert Eisenhauer
Featuring: Chris Hedges, John Ralston Saul, Cornel West, Sarah Jaffe, Lee Fang, Maude Barlow, Phillip Martin
By White Pine Pictures

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