All Governments Lie

Truth, Deception and the Spirit of I.F.Stone

“If something goes wrong with government, a free press will ferret it out and it will get fixed, but if something goes wrong with the free press, the country will go straight to hell.” – Jeremy J.Stone, on his father I.F. Stone

Independent journalists Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), Glenn Greenwald (The Intercept), Jeremy Scahill (Dirty Wars/The Intercept), Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) and others are changing the face of journalism, providing investigative alternatives to mainstream corporate news outlets.  Greenwald was the lead reporter on the revelations of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Scahill wrote Dirty Wars – the book and Oscar-nominated film on secret U.S. government assassinations.

Some have dubbed Greenwald, Scahill and their contemporaries, “Izzy’s Children”, and their work would undoubtedly make him proud. Our film captures in compelling, docu-vérité style the work of these journalists as they dig into investigative stories. Our cameras follow as they expose government and corporate deception – just as the ground breaking journalist I.F. Stone did decades ago.

Media conglomerates are increasingly reluctant to investigate or criticize government statements and policies. With government deception rampant, and intrusion of state surveillance into private life never more egregious, many journalists are finding that to aggressively investigate governments rather than act as “stenographers to power”, they need to abandon mainstream corporate news media to work at alternative, web-based sites.

A timely documentary for audiences who are now, more than ever, seeking alternatives to news media owned by huge corporations.  All Governments Lie will change the way you watch and read the news forever.

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Featuring appearances by: Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Amy Goodman, Matt Taibbi, Sharif Abdel-Kouddous, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Carl Bernstein and others.

A White Pine Pictures production.
From the Emmy- Award winning director Fred Peabody
and Emmy- Award winning producer Peter Raymond.

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