Flirting with Heights


“To become invisible, to stop existing…”

Hidden under a rock or still in his shed, Jean-Michel Bertrand tries to disappear. He invites us behind the scenes of a solitary shoot, up in the mountains. Only patience and discretion will allow magic to happen.

Portrait de Jean-Michel Bertrand
Vertige d’une rencontre Film de Jean-Michel Bertrand

This film is the result of several years of shooting, essentially in the Champsaur region, in the Alps. The native valley of the director became his home again.

Each day was an occasion to melt into the landscape, to watch and understand “each and everyone’s place”. “Time is a friend”, says J-M Bertrand to talk about his “quest”. His first quest: to see the eagle, to find its nest, to follow it, to live with it – without being seen…

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