Fight for Justice – David & Me

David McCallum is a convicted murderer from the mean streets of Brooklyn who has spent 29-years in prison. Ray Klonsky is a middle class, Jewish-Italian kid from Toronto.
When fate crossed their paths however, a friendship was born that changed both of their lives forever. Ray found the older brother he never had growing up and, in turn, became a window through which David could experience the outside world.


Inspired by David’s unwillingness to let the system destroy him, Ray joins a dedicated team searching for new evidence that will exonerate him.
Despite a mountain of evidence that should exonerate David, or at least grant him a new trial, Ray and the pro-bono team are stymied by a justice system that is not designed to free the wrongly convicted.
When news of a DNA match that fingers a new suspect surfaces, the team thinks justice will finally be served. But they quickly learn their fight has only just begun.
The unlikely bond between David and Ray turns this gut-wrenching wrongful conviction story into a transformative film about going the distance for what you believe.

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