Fonko is a documentary movie about the new Africa told through its current music.

In Fonko you will meet some of Africa’s most interesting musicians and producers, and visit cities like Lagos, Luanda, Accra and Johannesburg.

Fonko gives you the opportunity to step into a music scene during its most dramatic phase, one that will be remembered as a golden age. And music helps us understand the greater transformation it is a part of, which is cultural, economic, sociologic and religious.

The narrator of Fonko is Fela Kuti, as if speaking from the grave. Fela was a Nigerian political activist and one of the most influential African musicians ever. Fela died in 1997, his voice will come from old recordings. Emphasized by the quality of his voice, Fela Kuti’s words will have a timeless, prophetic, and sometimes ironic effect.

Who are the makers?

Göran Hugo Olsson, maker of award winning films such as CONCERNING VIOLENCE ,
and THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE (1967-1975) ,

Lamin Daniel Jadama, dj, radio personality and filmmaker, with Gambian roots in the diaspora. He hosts Radio Brazzaville on national Swedish radio together with:

Lars Lovén, who also works as a freelance journalist and is music critic at the renowned Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

Tobias Jansson has been working with internationally released documentaries such as Facing Genocide, Love During Wartime, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 and At Night I Fly.

1st Camera:                                                                                                                                       Ania Winiarska


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