The Kid and the Clown

An extraordinary relationship develops between the cancer ill boy Tobias and the hospital clown Angus during Tobias’ 20 months of treatment. This bond of closeness, humor and play turns out to be extremely valuable and important for both the kid and the clown in their fight against cancer.


Like a hospital priest, a hospital clown has to deal with insufferable situations on a daily basis, and only through little tricks can Angus turn the roughest situations into games and joy.


Tobias is a precocious and sensitive six year-old by the time he falls ill and celebrates his 7th birthday at the cancer ward. At that age every month spent in a hospital is a lifetime. Angus the clown provides a safe haven for Tobias – he sees the world from Tobias’ point of view.




The director Ida Grøn captures the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in the hospital where the hospital clown becomes like a magical breath of life. The film is a strong piece of evidence of the importance of humor in healing, as well as the universal need to reach each other through humor and laughter – to let go and share a moment in spite of the serious circumstances.

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